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Easily manage all your restaurant orders at your fingertips.


The digital ordering platform that helps easily manage all your restaurant orders.

Top 5 benefits of AceOffers

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Increased Service Velocity

No More Waiting. Customers empowered to place their own orders, and speed through peak hour rushes without breaking a sweat or sacrificing customer service.

Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, helping to eliminate communication errors and product waste.

Larger Order Sizes

Customers get to explore a wider menu than they would when ordering in person. They also end up paying more than they would have if they had ordered in person.

Indian Cuisine

Error-free order processing

Enhanced customer experience by providing managers full control over order placement and processing.

Data insights

Save all customer data (addresses, phone numbers, order history etc). This data can help a restaurant run more successful marketing campaigns and offer a better ordering experience.

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Multi-Language support

Gain the trust of your customers and ensuring repeat business by speaking their native language

Food Outlet/ Restaurants: How it Works

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In-house restaurant ordering system

  • Customer profile — A customer profile contains information like a customer’s name, city, delivery address, phone number, and payment information. 

  • Digital menu  — Showcase your restaurant’s offerings with mouth-watering images, tasty descriptions,  and prices. The menu also comes with categories, subcategories, and chef’s specials.

  • Order history — Managers quickly review their previous orders and is convenient for customers that often place the same orders. By checking their order history, Managers can reorder without searching for and picking menu items again. 

  • Online payment options — Connect to a customer's preferred method of payment. Credit/debit cards, and UPI are among the most popular online payment methods.

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