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Grow Your Business With Innovative Entertainment

IngeniousEI brings your venue the most innovative digital entertainment solutions on the market. 
Our mission is to boost your business with the best entertainment at an attractive price.

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The Customer Engagement Platform

Create engaging opportunities with the AceOffers platform to engage with your customers, understand behaviors, and market to them more efficiently and effectively. The versatile platform leverages your existing systems and engages with your different audiences. Modules available are:

  1. Digital Menu for Hospitality Industry

  2. Take your store online for ECommerce

  3. Pharmacy Ordering system

  4. POS integrations

  5. Marketing Offers/discounts/promotions

  6. Data analytics & actionable insights

Click here to know more about: AceOffers

Social Sports Tournaments

Exceeding Expectations

A unique offering that empowers you to feel the pulse of your sports fans, engage them during marquee events to increase footfalls and make every visitor feel like a winner!


Professional Services

Committed to Quality

Need marketing solutions customized specifically to your needs? Get in touch with our professionals to realize your vision.

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