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Patient Experience

Inpatient food ordering refers to the process of selecting and ordering the meals that will be provided to the patient during their stay. This is typically done by the patient, their caregiver, or a member of the healthcare team. In some cases, the patient may have specific dietary restrictions or preferences that need to be taken into account when ordering their meals. The hospital or medical facility will have a system in place for managing inpatient food orders, which may involve selecting meals from a set menu or working with a nutritionist to create a customized meal plan.

AceOffer Advantage

By digitising your cafeteria menu, the AceOffers meal ordering system makes it simple for inpatients, staff, and visitors to place online orders for food. Like any well-known meal delivery app, they can check the status of their orders, make online payments, and provide feedback.

Every inpatient has multiple visitors, and ordering food can be challenging for them. The same is true for hospital employees, who might not always prefer to place an order from the cafeteria. All of these have a negative impact on the hospital's F&B revenue as well as the experience of both patients and staff.

The room meal ordering feature of AceOffer addresses these issues, resulting in improved staff convenience and patient pleasure as well as increased financial gains for your hospital.

Benefits of AceOffers

There are several benefits to inpatient food ordering, both for the patient and for the healthcare facility. For the patient, having control over their meals can help improve their overall experience while they are hospitalized. It can also help ensure that they are receiving the proper nutrients and calories to support their health and recovery. For the healthcare facility, inpatient food ordering can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of meal delivery, as well as reduce waste and food costs. It can also help ensure that the facility is meeting the dietary needs and preferences of their patients, which can improve patient satisfaction and lead to better outcomes.

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